6 Countries In Under 8 Weeks!

09 Oct 2017

Let me tell you about my packed last two months! It was probably the busiest summer I ever had with the most traveling distance as well. 6 countries in under 8 weeks and many souls were saved and lives changed for ever to the glory of God!

Right after Summer School of Evangelism in Finland (which was amazing! 4020 souls in 14 days!!!) I went to Switzerland to do evangelism training and preach Sunday and Tuesday at Zoe Gospel Centre. 15 people dedicated their lives to Christ in church, 30 believers were mobilized and 70 people received Jesus on the streets! We had a powerful time in the presence of God and I used some serious skills jumping on and over chairs in high heels ;D It is a BLAST to serve the LORD!


From Switzerland I flew over to Amsterdam Holland to help my friends pastors Ben and Jacky Kroeske with Holland Ablaze with Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne. I had the privilege to challenge people to win souls after the last service and invite them to get trained on the streets the following Saturday. 70 believers came, over 50 were not from the River church and were trained for the first time to evangelize. With the help of the members of River Amsterdam church and 10 people from the River Helsinki church all these new soulwinners were trained and 264 people received Jesus on the streets of Amsterdam that day!!


From Amsterdam I flew to a wedding in the US and from there to Brazil. There I did soulwinning training and preached 5 nights in three churches in the city of Campo Grande. Over 150 people dedicated their lives to the Lord at the altars of the church, over 70 believers were trained and mobilized to win souls and brought over 300 people to Jesus in a park in just one hour! I know this was the first of many more trips to Brazil. The harvest is ripe and the people are so willing to go out and be used by God!


Over 40 people received the baptism in the Holy Ghost in the picture below. No one that came to the front left without praying in a new tongue! Glory to God!


Bola De Neve Church, they had a cool pulpit and the offering buckets were made of skateboards xD


Church Do Alto, 2 nights, many souls and people were baptized in the Holy Spirit including children.


From Brazil my journey continued to Riga, Latvia. 3 nights of preaching, teaching at the River Bible Institute Riga and 2 nights of soulwinning. People drove over 2 hours to come to the meetings and the training! 20 people dedicated their lives to Jesus at the altar and 95 people received Jesus on the streets! And 5 people were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues!


From Riga, I flew down south to Italy to minister at the River Church Modena. There I did soulwinning training on Saturday, preached Sunday morning, had another soulwinning session and preached Sunday night and Tuesday night. It was amazing to see the hunger of the people and their willingness and boldness to evangelize on the streets! Soulwinners were even chasing down people on bicycles! It was very entertaining to see ;D I had two of my friends with me that are both in the ministry, Samuel Dent who shared on stewardship and ministered to people and Joshua Kight who led us in worship and gave a practical teaching on worship to the worship team of the church. We had a Holy Ghost blow out together on Sunday! 130 people received Jesus on the streets, 10 dedicated their lives in the meetings and people were baptized in the Holy Ghost. One of those people who desired to pray in tongues and was filled was a 83 year old lady!!! To see her face when she prayed in tongues for the first time was definitely one of my highlights of this trip!


From Italy I flew back up north to Helsinki Finland, where I preached at a women’s conference for two days, along side my dear friend pastor Sanna Lehto. This was my second women’s conference and I do believe women in Europe and other parts of the world need to be empowered to step into the call that God has for them. Women from all over Finland attended, some traveled from the far north and some even came from Germany! We saw many women touched and filled with the power of God and Joy of the Holy Ghost!


My personal highlight of these last two months was my brother’s wedding last Saturday. He hasn’t been in church for over 10 years and she has never been in church and since they didn’t have a church wedding they asked me to do a ceremony for them at the reception. I was able to bless them, pray over them and our family and friends. My Russian aunts and uncles came, one family from north Germany that I haven’t seen in about 4 years , and the other from Russia that I haven’t seen in 11 years. Since they stayed at our house I was able to share the gospel with them and they all prayed the prayer of salvation and confessed Jesus to be their Lord right in our house!!! I was a crying mess and so grateful to God for their open hearts. You can see them all in the picture below :)


As you put God first, and pursue the call on your life and win souls, you may have to leave family behind and sacrifice a lot of time that you cannot spend with them. BUT GOD is working on your behalf and you AND YOUR HOUSE SHALL BE SAVED!

I see thousands of souls saved in the nations but nothings beats seeing your own family receiving Jesus! And as you are reading this I want you to know I am standing with you in faith for your loved ones as well.

Where am I heading now? Tampa Florida for Ministers and Leaders Conference at my Church the River@Tampa Bay. After that I am preaching at a youth conference in Kiev, Ukraine at Victory Christian Church. If you would like to sow a financial seed into the ministry and be a part of the harvest of souls, you can do so via PayPal or credit card (the option is on the bottom left on the PayPal page). If you would like to partner with the ministry to see souls saved and bring revival to the nations you can make your payments recurring by checking the box on the same PayPal page. INVEST IN THE KINGDOM Or you can make a transfer to this Bank Account in Germany:

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Thank you for reading my newsletter and thank you to everyone who blessed me with their support, prayers, finances and every faith filled word send my way. Thank you to my pastors, leaders and partners. I thank God for you and pray that He blesses you abundantly for your labor of love toward me.

All the glory goes to God. Much love and God bless!

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