A Few More Countries to Go This Year!

Never slow down, finish the year with a bang!

10 Nov 2016

I’m excited

I’m excited to tell you about my upcoming itinerary for the rest of this year and a couple of things about the last months.

  • November 11-20: Juba, South Sudan
  • November 22 - December 4: Thessaloniki Greece

As you may know I have been focusing on learning Arabic the last couple of months but in the meantime more doors have opened up for me to preach and teach.

In the middle of October I was invited to the island of Cyprus where I taught and preached about the Holy Spirit to a group of Arabs, who were mostly new believers. After the teaching we laid hands on the only five people that have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit and they all started speaking in Tongues! For the protection of some of the new Egyptian believers I cannot post any pictures 🙁

The same week my friend Melina from Greece happened to visit some of her family on the Island and we got to meet and catch up on each others ministries. She shared soulwinning testimonies from the past year and how her youth group was impacted and changed and set on fire for souls since the power of God hit them in lasts years youth camp in Turkey that I ministered at. They have reached over a hundred people with the gospel since and are going strong!

Besides seeing people touched by the power of God right in front of me, it is just as amazing to hear about LASTING FRUIT.

Beginning of July I held my very first women’s conference at the River Rochester Church in upstate NY with my dear friends pastors Jeremiah and Julia Thomas. Lives were touched and changed and every woman who came that didn’t have the baptism in the Holy Ghost left praying in tongues!!

The girl on the left in the picture below got baptized in the Holy Ghost on the second night and brought her friend to receive the baptism the next day and they both spend a long time at that altar praying in their heavenly language. This was definitely one of my highlights! When you get touched and filled you bring your friends to get the same thing!


Both of these girls got baptized in the Holy Spirit too 😄



The joy of the Lord was in the place! The night before the Lady who is ministering here also received the baptism in hen Holy Spirit and was mightily touched by God, so I had her pour out the blessing on others 😄


Precious souls dedicating their lives to Jesus. Never gets old!



  • End of the year
  • River Rochester
  • Thessaloniki Greece
  • Cairo Egypt
  • Juba South Sudan

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