Rise up in the spirit

31 Oct 2019

When I was 21 years old and in the second year of my bible school, all hell started to break loose in my life. When you get serious about the things of God, the devil is going to try to do everything to stop you. But when the enemy comes in like a flood, God will raise a standard up against him.

You are the standard. You are the one God is raising up. You need to rise up in the spirit.

The bible never tells us that we will burn out. The bible says you have authority over every evil spirit and you can take authority over your feelings too! When you start to walk in even more boldness the enemy will try to put out your fire, but you can use the enemies attack to set you on fire even more!

When you walk outside and you talk to complete strangers, some of them laugh at you and ridicule you, some might even persecute you. But you learn to walk in the spirit and that doesn’t affect you.

Paul was stoned one time. He got up, and continued to preach his ministry. We have to look at how they operate in the book of Acts, and operate in the same spirit. We have to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I challenge you to use the things that is coming against you to set you on fire even more! You can use all the attacks from the devil to draw closer to God!

Rise up in the spirit! Get up and continue to preach!


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