Zürich, Warsaw and Istanbul

My first visit to Warsaw :)

05 May 2016

I am excited to tell you about my last few trips and the fruit that came forth for the Glory of our Lord.

In Switzerland I attended a conference with pastors and leaders mainly from Europe, but I also had the chance to meet a man of God that impacted my life greatly as a teenager which I will tell you about a bit later.

After the conference I held soulwinning training classes in Zürich where we mobilized over 30 soulwinners in 2 days and saw 147 people receiving Jesus on the streets!


This Lady is a youth leader at a church in another city in Switzerland and came to be trained in evangelism. She used the Gospel Soulwinning Script for the first time and led 14 people to Jesus out of 16 that she spoke to.

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From Switzerland I flew to Warsaw, Poland. I love eastern Europe and now Poland marks country number 18 on my list of travels as a minister.

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Form Warsaw I headed to the River Church in Istanbul Turkey. There I got to minister to the Youth and also at both Sunday services. I am very blessed to know pastors Corey and Rose Erman. As I prayed about doing a more extensive work in the Middle East the Lord quickened me to speak with them. I believe their help and experience is key to see the vision God gave manifest very soon and I am very excited about it!

It was a strategic trip for me and I have a lot more clarity now about what it takes for me to see an impact in the Arab world.





My original plan was to go to Beirut next and start my Arabic language studies but I had an unexpected invitation to minister at Metro World Child Ministries in NY city this coming week! I got to personally meet pastor Bill Wilson in Switzerland.

My life was forever changed in his meetings in Germany when I was a teenager and I am amazed that God gave me the opportunity to meet this amazing man of God over 13 years later!

And even more amazing is that he invited me to come and speak to his staff in New York City next week!

The only other week he will be in New York was end of this year and who know where I am going to be so I decided to push my plans to study in Beirut which works out better over all anyways.

Because I will already be in the United States I decided to join the ministers and leaders conference at the River Church in Tampa before I head out to Amsterdam the following week to be part of the charter class graduation of the River Bible Institute Nederland with my precious friends pastors Ben and Jacky Kroeske.

After that I am definitely headed back to the Middle East!



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  • Istanbul

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