Thousands of Souls in Helsinki

Revival in Rochester and exciting news!

15 Aug 2016

I am so excited

I am so excited to tell you about a few things I am planning to do this year and how you can be a part of it. But first let me give you a quick report about the past two months.

In June I started my Arabic language studies, so I am back to being a full time student. Except the times I travel to go preach and teach. Like last month.

Encounter God - Rochester NY

What an amazing time I had with my dear friends, pastors Jeremiah and Julia Thomas, at the River Rochester Church in NY, beginning of July. I got to be one of 4 speakers along side my minister friends from the River Bible Institute for a week of meetings and soulwinning.

Being in the ministry, especially in the foreign field is amazing to me, but what made this week of meetings so special was to minister along side friends that are contending for revival. Not only was I blessed by the fact that over 160 people received Jesus on the streets and in the services and people were touched by the power of God, filled with exceeding joy and healed in their bodies, but the cherry on top was to see that happen in my friend’s church whom I have known years before they ever had a church. It is exciting to see the work the Lord is doing through them and that I could be a blessing to them and their precious church. Thank you pastors Jeremiah and Julia for having me. Seriously, you guys rock!

Our Bible school Dean, Dr Todd Holmes prophesied that this conference would be a “perfect storm” and man we definitely were blown away by the goodness of God and overtaken by His powerful presence from day one! That week I preached, what I believe was my best message on giving and supernatural provision. You can listen to it on YouTube HERE, my message starts at about 51min. That night giving broke out, while I was still preaching people started to bring money and all kinds of possessions that were meaningful to them. I didn’t lay hands on anyone (because I actually fell out under the power at the end) but during that service a Lady received complete healing from night blindness which she realized half way home driving through the dark! Praise God!

The moment I stepped behind the pulpit that night, the power of God hit me so strongly like I never experienced before or during preaching. Another message on giving from the night before is HERE.

And here is a first! In almost 10 years of traveling, I had never had a flight cancelled, but the day I was supposed to leave Rochester it happened and there was no flights on the same day, so I ended up preaching another night which you can listen to HERE starting at about 1h 08m.



The girl in the picture above was one of my highlights that week. She got so hit by the joy of the Lord she could not stop laughing for 15-20 minutes!

The picture below is an altar call for everyone who wants to go on another level and be used by God like never before.



This precious Lady did not know the way to heaven and received Jesus right at the door of her home. The soulwinner is a faithful member of the River Rochester and though highly pregnant came out soulwinning the whole week with us! She has never done it before but got her breakthrough that week. So what’s your excuse? (Well you’re probably a soulwinner, so moving right along.)


So because my flight was rescheduled for the next day, I showed up late in Helsinki Finland for Summer School of Evangelsim and they have been going strong, winning souls on the streets of Helsinki and surrounding area.

I had 40 students that committed to winning souls for many hours a day, 10 days straight. Some even evangelized until after midnight! In total 64 believers were mobilized, including children and with that on fire army of believers we have seen over 3211 people receive Jesus! That is more than last year, in 4 days less! And all to the glory of God, for whom we produce eternal fruit!

Not only the lost were reached and touched but the students had breakthroughs in their walk with the Lord. That’s what happens when you go out of your comfort zone and let the Lord use you!





Saturday night the church held a funfair for the children in the neighborhood and people from all backgrounds, mostly refugees came. I’m not the best with kids but I could not pass up the opportunity to share the gospel with them and some of their parents and over 40 people prayed to receive Jesus!

Now I am back in Beirut to continue my Arabic studies. It is going well and I am full of faith to master this language supernaturally.

  • In November I will be back in the US to minister at a women’s conference and I can’t wait!

So keep me in your prayers as I preach the Gospel in the Middle East to the precious Arab people.


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